Debit Card Rewards

Get rewarded for your everyday purchases.

Rewards are no longer just for Credit Cards. With My Rewards, you can earn cash-back rewards when using your Fortera Debit Card. To get started, log in to Online Banking and scroll down until you see our Purchase Rewards section, or log in to Mobile Banking and select Debit Card Rewards under the More menu.

My Rewards 101

Our My Rewards program allows you to shop for offers that interest you and activate them when you are ready to make a purchase. All offers are available to view in your Online and Mobile Banking accounts. You can browse offers by category or see them all by simply scrolling. Click Activate on any offer and it will appear in your Active Offers tab.

Once you have made a qualifying purchase, your cash-back will be available in your account within 45 days. You can see a summary of all your cash-back earned by clicking on the Earn Summary Tab.

New & Exciting News: Travel Rewards

Love to travel? Enjoy rewards for your inspirational treks across the globe. When you book hotels through My Rewards, save as much as 20% at over 800,000 hotels worldwide.


You've got the Q's, we've got the A's.

How do I activate an offer?


Choose an offer and click on the Activate button. Once you have activated an offer, you are able to take advantage of it by shopping and paying with the registered card on your Fortera Checking Account. That is all you have to do. You will automatically receive the cash-back in your account in 30 days or less.

How can I search for offers?


Great question! There are several options to search for offers. If you are looking for an offer from a specific merchant, you can sort by merchant/offer categories, e.g. Leisure & Entertainment. Some merchants may have offers displayed within multiple categories. You can also sort offers by Newest, Expiring soonest, and Alphabetically (from A to Z and Z to A). Finally, you can also just search for a singular merchant – just type in the merchant name in the search field.

Do I need to do anything at checkout?


Nope! Simply use your Fortera debit card to make your purchase. If the purchase meets the requirements of the offer, it will be automatically applied.

I have multiple Fortera Accounts. Which one will My Rewards be applied to?


Your offers will be activated for the debit card on your primary checking account. You can see which account the offer is linked to by clicking on the More Details button for the offer on the Active Offers page.

What does it mean if a transaction status is processing?


This status means that your offer has been applied and we are processing the cash-back request, but it has not yet been applied to your checking account.

How can I check the status on offers I have redeemed?


The Earn Summary page indicates the status of each redeemed offer. If it is a one-time offer, the offer will move from the Active Offers page to the Earn Summary page within 45 days after the purchase has been made. If the offer is available to be redeemed multiple times, it will continue to show up on the Active Offers page until it is no longer available to use. Your cash-back is automatic and can take up to 45 days after the purchase occurred.

Is my personal information shared with merchants?


Great question! The answer is a resounding no. Your personal information is not shared with merchants. In fact, no personal information leaves Fortera during this process. We take privacy very seriously.

How can I opt out of the My Rewards program?


You can opt-out by clicking on the Opt-Out page (scroll to the bottom of the My Rewards page to see the link) and clicking the Remove Me button.

Once you leave, you will have up to 30 days to view your current My Rewards account and rejoin. If you rejoin after 30 days, you will need to reactivate your previous offers.

Are my Debit Card Rewards and my Credit Card Rewards the same thing?


We are glad you asked. The answer is no. You do get rewards for using both your Fortera Debit Card and your Fortera Credit Card (this does not apply to the Core Card) however, those rewards come from two separate programs that look just a little different from one another.

If you would like to redeem your Debit Card Rewards, please log in to Online Banking and scroll down until you see the Purchase Rewards section on your screen, or log in to Mobile Banking and select Debit Card Rewards under the More menu.

If you would like to redeem your Credit Card Rewards, log in to CURewards here.

Both programs offer unique rewards that change constantly, so please check out both and start earning your rewards today!

I have not received my cashback yet. What should I do?


Sometimes redeeming an offer can take longer than usual depending upon the offer, its availability dates, and the merchant's process. If you redeemed an offer and you are still not seeing it in your account 45 days later, please call or text us at 931.431.6800 or chat with us in Online or Mobile Banking.