Mark It Down

As the new year begins, make a note of some of the more ideal times to shop through the first half of 2023. This doesn’t mean you have to go on a buying frenzy. Think of it as more noting which times of the year can provide a deal on specific products if you happen to need something.


  • Winter clothing. Cold weather gear is almost always marked down in January. Retailers are looking to free up space for spring clothing, so now is a good time to shop for heavy coats, gloves and more.
  • TVs. The month before the Super Bowlis a great time to find discounted TVs.


  • Tax software. As US News reports, because the deadline for employers to send out W2s is January 31, February is a good time to save on tax software. Look for deals from TurboTax and more.


  • Warm weather items and gear. As the weather warms, retailers typically mark down outdoor patio items and warmer weather clothing.


  • Home goods. The warmer weather of April often inspires people to do some house cleaning and sprucing. Retailers will oblige with sales on home goods and cleaning items.
  • Easter items. The week before Easter is a good time to save on everything Easter related, from clothes to candy.


  • Appliances. Memorial Day is a great day to save loads of cash on refrigerators, washers, dryers and more.
  • Spring clothing. You’ll find good deals on spring clothing now that the weather is truly heating up.


  • Tools. It’s a cliche, but if you’re shopping for tools for Father’s Day, then you’ll find lots of deals to like in June.

Article distributed in partnership with SavvyMoney with reporting by Chris O'Shea

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