Protect Yourself From Scams

Fortera works diligently to protect our members' financial security by making you aware of scams and potentially fraudulent activity. Please be alerted of a new scam targeting organizations across the United States. While we are not aware of this current scam impacting any of our members, we wanted to bring it your attention.

This current scam originates with a text targeting customers of financial institutions. Responding to the text results in a phone call to the customer, where fraudsters pretend to be a customer service representative. They will then try to acquire your digital banking credentials in hopes of being able to transfer funds from your account. Some financial institutions have even reported that the fraudsters say they are going to transfer you to a manager or supervisor to make the scam seem more legitimate and that the text / call appears to be from the bank’s real phone number.

What can you do to prevent falling victim?

Fortera Credit Union will never ask for personal information such as your digital banking credentials. If you receive this type of text or call and are unsure if it is legitimate, please do not respond to the text or call, but rather you should reach out to us directly via any of our communication channels below to confirm if there is a problem with your account. As a reminder, never click on links sent to you in an email or a text that you weren't expecting without verifying with us that the message is legitimate.

• Text or call us at 931.431.6800.

• Talk to us directly through our video chat app.

• Log in to your online banking app and securely chat with us.

• Schedule an appointment online.

• Visit us in person at any one of our branch locations.

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