Summer Getaways: Middle Tennessee and Kentucky

The days are longer, the air is warmer, and the great outdoors are calling. Get outside without having to go too far by heading to one of these beautiful escapes located in middle Tennessee and Kentucky.

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Middle Tennessee & Kentucky Getaways

Rock Island State Park - Rock Island, TN

Enjoy 883 acres of awe-inspiring overlooks at Rock Island State Park. Located at the headwaters of Caney Fork, Collins, and Rocky Rivers, this park offers some of the best waterfall views in middle Tennessee. If you swing by, don’t miss Great Falls, the 30 foot horseshoe-shaped cascade that powered a 19th-century cotton textile mill over 100 years ago.

Henry Horton State Park – Chapel Hill, TN

Situated on the majestic Duck River, Henry Horton State Park is a great place to vacation for the whole family. Fishing, skeet shooting, and golfing are just a few of the fun activities available in this gorgeous, diverse campsite, not to mention two delicious restaurants — The Governor's Table Restaurant and Tipped Canoe Lounge — for when you’re in the mood for a real meal without returning to the “real world.”

Cave Country RV Campground - Cave City, KY

Just five miles from the famous Mammoth Cave, Cave Country RV Campground is a perfect place to park if you want to explore one of Kentucky's most beloved National Parks. In addition to Mammoth Cave, this campground is close to many other Kentucky attractions including Dinosaur World, Kentucky Action Park, and the Bourbon Trail. Your dog can join in on the fun, thanks to the 4,500 square-foot dog park located on the campsite.

Land Between the Lakes - Dover, TN (Piney Campground)

Forests, wetlands, and shorelines — yes please. The Land Between the Lakes is a massive (170,000 acres massive) recreation area that offers day-dreamy spots for camping, fishing, and boating for the whole family. Land Between the Lakes is also licensed for small game hunting. Piney Campground is one of the many beautiful campsites on Land Between the Lakes and features modern facilities and endless and accessible outdoor activities.

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Standing Stone State Park - Hilham, TN

Found in Standing Stone State Forest right on the Cumberland Plateau, Standing Stone State Park is famous for its namesake, the 12-foot-tall Standing Stone rock that served as a boundary line between the territories of two Indian nations. Get your steps in with 8-miles worth of hiking trails that will take you by sparkling streams, through expanses of wildflowers, and around the breathtaking lake. And, when you’re done exploring for the day, enjoy a grill, table, water, and electricity at each campsite.

Elkhorn Campground - Frankfort, KY

If you’re looking to enjoy nature but still want the option to duck into town for some food and fun, the Elkhorn Campground offers the best of both worlds. Located right on the edge of Frankfort (the capital of Kentucky), you can explore the wildlife parks by day and explore Frankfort’s museums, shops, and historic sites by afternoon.

Wooly’s Off Road Park - Lynnville, TN

Cut it fast and loose out at Wooly’s Off Road ATV Park. Located in Lynnville, TN, about 50 miles south of Nashville, this off-roading park sticks to the basics and does them right. Enjoy playful trails with tricky features including mud holes, rock ledges, ditches, and gullies. If you can’t get enough of the varied terrain, get a two-day pass and enjoy on-the-house camping in the gorgeous outdoors overnight.

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BONUS: these parks may be day-use only, but they’re too good not to share.

Cummins Falls State Park - Cookeville, TN

If you’re looking for a day trip full of waterfalls and swimming pools, Cummins Falls is right up your alley. A rugged paradise, Cummins Falls State Park is just nine miles north of Cookeville, TN and features 282-acres to explore (as long as the sun is up, that is — Cummins Falls is day-use only). This park makes a great excursion for a couple hours of outdoor afternoon fun, either for the family or a handful of friends. While you’re there, be sure to check out Cummins Falls, the park’s namesake 75 foot waterfall.

Burgess Creek Falls - Sparta, TN

Right on the Falling Water River, Burgess Falls lures in locals and day-trippers alike with four stunning waterfalls. The most impressive falls dive 130 feet into a gorge. Just 18 miles south of Cookeville and with diverse forests for hiking, too, this oasis is perfect for enjoying the afternoon outside, but be ready to head back to your car by sunset — the park is day-use only.


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