Tax Scam Season

With tax season upon us, financial institutions throughout the nation are expecting to see a resurgence of the seasonal “Delinquent Tax” scam. Someone posing as an IRS agent or a law enforcement officer will contact their potential victim by phone, email, or text and forcefully claim the person unexpectedly owes back taxes. They will say the matter is urgent and needs to be cleared up immediately. If their victim doesn’t send them money instantly (preferably through Zelle, Cash App, Facebook Pay, iTunes Gift Cards, etc), they threaten arrest or repossession of vehicles. Or they may state they are willing to make the problem go away for a small price because you seem like a nice person.

The longer you interact with them, the more convincing they sound. Every year they add a new twist to this scheme and successfully trick people of all ages into willingly sending them their hard-earned money.

Here are four things to remember if you receive a call, email, or text like this:

  1. The IRS will never call, email, or text you to demand money.
  2. Law enforcement does not collect money or repossess anything for the IRS.
  3. Government agencies do not accept payment from instant money transfer services (things like Zelle, Cash App, Facebook Pay, iTunes Gift Cards, etc).
  4. Do not engage with these scammers. Hang up and block their numbers.
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