The Cost of Tech

How tech can cost you plenty

Tech has certainly made our lives easier, but has it also made it more expensive? Smartphones are helpful, payment apps are convenient and subscriptions provide variety. But at what cost? Here are some ways tech can lead to wasting money.

The Trial

Many subscription services offer a free trial deal. You can watch for free for a few weeks, then you’re charged. Those services count on you being forgetful. The free trial ends and then you’re getting charged for something you don’t even use. Over and over again. If you sign up for a subscription, and during that free trial period you barely use the service, that means you should probably cancel. The next time you sign up for a service with a free trial, set a reminder to cancel the day the deal ends.

The Apps

Another way tech ends up being costly is through apps. Some apps charge a small fee — so small that you might ignore it. However, $2 here, $3 there and more eventually adds up. As USA Today notes, make sure you’re not paying for too many apps by checking your payments regularly. On an iPhone, you can see this by heading to Settings, then Subscriptions. On an Android phone, you’ll find your paid apps under Settings, then Payments and Subscriptions.

The Cheap

Sometimes you get what you pay for. That usually applies to tech accessories. While it might be tempting to buy a cheap charging cord or headphones, they typically don’t last long, which ends up costing you more in the end. Instead of opting for the cheapest option, do some research into reputable brands. You’ll find a wide variety of prices for tech accessories that will provide a much better value.

Adapted from an article distributed in partnership with SavvyMoney with reporting by Chris O'Shea

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