The Importance of Prioritizing You in a Time of Uncertainty

It’s been a challenging year. Working from home, schooling from home, and the uncertainty of COVID-19 is taking its toll. Many of us have loved ones depending on us, so it’s important that we take care of ourselves too. To keep wellness ahead of worry in your life, we’ve shared a few of our favorite self-care suggestions.

Unplug From The Updates–
Staying up-to-date on communication and the status of our nation is important, but sometimes it's just too much. We recommend not leaving the news playing all day in the background. Instead, choose specific times in the day to intentionally focus on the important stories. Set an alarm on your phone that will remind you to unplug. Stay informed, not overwhelmed.

Focus On The Physical– Stress and anxiety are not just mental ailments. They can have very real physical effects as well. Take care of your body. Even if it's something small like taking calm breaths or modifying your exercise routine for your living room; make your body a priority.

Take A Break With Your Favorite Book– Let your brain focus on something else for a change. Select a favorite book or one you’ve been wanting to read. Download the audio version of it and listen and follow along. This will keep you focused and present while helping you avoid potential distractions.

Practice A Passion – Love to draw? Secretly sing in the shower? Spend time indulging in a passion you never make time for. Who knows, you might discover a new hobby or talent.

Write Away Your Worry – Journaling is an easy way to help you process anxiety and lift concern off your shoulders. Write down your thoughts and feelings and then celebrate your strength and resilience thus far. Get extra feels by ripping that page up into a million tiny pieces, tossing them in the air, and having a tiny dance party.

Share A Blessing– Make a list of all the people who are important to you, like your great aunt, your best friend from college, the people in your book club, etc., and write something you love about each of them. Call them and ask if they have a minute to chat. Tell them they were on your mind and that you love how they have impacted your life. Sharing these happy thoughts is something that will delight them and make you smile too.

Dump The Dread– What's the one thing on your to-do list that causes you the most stress? DO IT! Knock it out. Show your to-do list who's boss and get it out of the way. Many of our members are concerned about their finances and we recommend taking control of your money with products designed intentionally for you. Tackle the uncertainty. You’ve got this!

Remember that you are more than your job, your role, or your responsibilities. Make you a priority to strengthen your well-being and set an example for those you care about.

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