Charity Tracker

Making real change.

Learn why we love this small, but mighty tool in Online and Mobile Banking that lets you empower families with higher education aspirations.

Charity Tracker 101

As a force for financial good, Fortera is committed to making change. Sure, we’re always happy to swap your cash, but it's our commitment to changing lives that really counts.

Thanks to members like you, we’re tackling generational poverty and strengthening long-term financial stability for single-parent families through the Fortera Foundation.

The Foundation provides scholarship funding and other resources to help single-parent families enter college and graduate with a life-changing degree. To learn more about the work of the Fortera Foundation, visit us at forteracu.com/fortera-foundation.

Interested in making a difference with your change? We invite you to join us. See how you can contribute below.

Make a contribution.

You can make a big difference right now with just a little change. Just hit the "Donate Now" button on our Charity Tracker in Online or Mobile Banking and enter the amount you would like to contribute to the Fortera Foundation. Use the dropdown menu to select which account you would like your donation to come from and press the "Donate Now" button one more time to complete your transaction.

Whether you donate once or too many times to count, your generosity will help generations to come.

Set a giving goal.

Feeling inspired by the Fortera Foundation and want to make an even larger impact? Help families achieve their education goals by setting your own giving goal. We’ll keep up with your progress as you watch it grow. Simply hit the "Set a Goal" button on the Charity Tracker in Online or Mobile Banking, type your goal dollar amount, and select "Update Annual Goal Amount" to complete the process.

Serving members and strengthening our community is what Fortera Credit Union is all about. Together, we’re going all in to make a meaningful difference and build an empowered future. Thanks for helping!

Need a hand?

Tag us in. Whether you are on your couch or halfway around the world, use Fortera Video Chat to get quick answers from a friendly face.