GreenPath Financial Counseling

Turn obstacles into opportunities.

Free advice that’s truly priceless.

Life is full of challenges (planned and unexpected) that can impact your wallet. You don't have to tackle them alone. Fortera and our financial Partner GreenPath are here to help you with free, unbiased financial counseling designed to take the stress out of budget-building.

With tons of expertise and knowledge, GreenPath counselors are here to help you:

  • Get out of debt.
  • Create a savings roadmap.
  • Set up an emergency savings account.
  • Establish long-term financial planning.
  • Learn more about getting your first mortgage.

And answer any other questions and concerns you may have. Scroll down to see how you can start using GreenPath now.

Call GreenPath

Whether you know what you need or not, calling our GreenPath counselors at 877.337.3399 is a great place to start.

Learn More

Visit GreenPath and Fortera’s shared library to browse helpful info on everything from building budgets to getting out of debt.

Crunch the Numbers

Check out GreenPath's and Fortera's Calculators to help you answer the big questions like "How much should my mortgage be?"

Let's meet.

Meet with your very own GreenPath Counselor when you fill out and submit our GreenPath Call Form below. Tell us about yourself and what kind of financial challenges you are hoping to solve, and GreenPath will pair you with a counselor suited to your needs.

Once you have submitted the form, it typically takes a counselor 24 - 48 hours to reply with an email and schedule a conversation.

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