Election Voting

This year the Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 18th at 4:00 p.m. at the Dover Crossing Road Branch, 145 Dover Crossing Road, Clarksville, TN 37042. We invite all Fortera Credit Union members to attend the Annual Meeting. RSVP by calling 931.431.6800 or emailing

At the 2017 Annual Membership Meeting, the results of the election for the Board of Directors will be announced. The nominees were submitted by the Nominating Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. There are four nominees running for three open seats. Voting is open to the first named owner of each membership account who is at least 18 years of age. Voting opens Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 12:01 a.m. and ends Saturday, May 13, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. CDT.

To give every member a chance to vote and keep election costs as low as possible, we are offering three voting methods this year. You may choose to vote online from a secure website, by telephone, or by requesting a paper ballot. We value your input and encourage you to vote using the method that is most convenient for you.

1.  Voting Online

To vote for three (3) candidates using the online method, visit and click on the e-Vote Now button. You will be asked to provide your member Account Number and the last four digits of your social security number. Once you have voted, click the “Submit” button for your votes to be counted.

2.  Voting by Telephone

To vote for three (3) candidates by using the telephone method, simply call 855.522.0021. You will be asked to provide your member Account Number and the last four digits of your social security number. The candidate names will be called off one at a time, and you will be directed to speak “yes” or “no” after each one. At the end, your choices will be read back to you for confirmation.

3.  Voting by Paper

To vote for three (3) candidates using the paper ballot method, simply call 855.522.0021. You will be asked to provide your member Account Number. You will then be prompted to press the number zero and # . The ballot will be mailed to the address on file with Fortera Credit Union.



 Meet the Nominees

Leida E. Pérez – Credit Union member since 2005. Currently serves as a member of the Supervisory Committee. Employed as a Lab Manager and adjunct instructor in the Biology Department at Austin Peay State University. Previously worked as a science and technology teacher at the K-12 level. Served on numerous departmental and on-campus committees at APSU, including Technology, Non-Academic Grievance, and Environmental Affairs. Graduated from University of Puerto Rico with BS in Coastal Marine Biology, MS in Environmental Health, and an MS in Management from Austin Peay State University.

Larry W. Carter – Currently serves on the Board of Directors; former Supervisory Committee member. Served on former Christian County School Employees Federal Credit Union Board of Directors as President and Vice President; also, served on the Supervisory Committee. Retired Educator, Christian and Caldwell Counties, Kentucky, resident of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Taught elementary school in Christian County for 20 years; employed as a Primary School Principal for 7 years in Caldwell County. Served as Kentucky Education Association (KEA) Leader at the local, district, and state levels; served as KEA Board member and on Resolution Committee for the National Education Association. Currently an elder at the First Presbyterian Church, Hopkinsville, KY; President of the Christian County Retired Teachers Association; and, Treasurer for the Second District Retired Teachers Association.

Cleveland M. Richardson – Credit Union member since January 2000. Currently serves on the Board of Directors; formerly served on the Member Advisory Board and Supervisory Committee. Served as a Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Army for 20 years. Graduate of Austin Peay State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, concentration in Finance. Certified Financial Counselor for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Serves on the Trustee Board and Information Technology Ministry at his church.

Owen R. Schroeder, Jr. – Credit Union member since 1992. Currently serving on Board of Directors and member of Asset/Liability Committee, Fortera FCU. Retired US Army (25 years); recipient of numerous decorations and awards; duties during military service include budgeting and financial management. Served as Associate Director, Breathitt Veterinary Center at Murray State University (20 years). BS in Accounting and Business Administration, Austin Peay State University and Master of Public Administration, University of Missouri, Kansas City. Served as Chairman, Clarksville-Montgomery County Military and Veterans Affairs Commission; Commander, American Legion Post 7, Clarksville, TN; Retired outdoor columnist for The Leaf Chronicle, Clarksville, TN (29 years). Treasurer and Board of Directors, Southeastern Outdoor Press Association; and, President and Secretary/Treasurer, Tennessee Outdoor Writers Association. Completed Credit Union Volunteer Achievement Program (VAP) training course. Served on Credit Committee, Murray State University Federal Credit Union.


BYLAWS - SECTION 1. NCUA 8001A(M3700)112283 L-70-092482 (Deadline for filing petitions is March 4, 2017.)

“At least 120 days prior to each annual meeting the Chairman of the Board shall appoint a nominating committee of not fewer than three members. It shall be the duty of the nominating committee to nominate at least one member for each vacancy, including any unexpired term vacancy, for which elections are being held, and to determine that the members nominated are agreeable to the placing of their names in nomination and will accept office if elected. The nominating committee shall file its nominations with the secretary of the Credit Union at least 90 days prior to the annual meeting, and the secretary shall notify in writing all members eligible to vote at least 75 days prior to the annual meeting that nominations for vacancies may also be made by petition signed by one percent of the members with a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 500.”

“The written notice shall indicate that the election will not be conducted by ballot and there will be no nominations from the floor when there is only one nominee for each position to be filled. A brief statement of qualifications and biographical data in such form as shall be approved by the Board of Directors will be included for each nominee submitted by the nominating committee with the written notice to all eligible members. Each nominee by petition shall submit a similar statement of qualifications and biographical data with petition. The written notice shall state the closing date for receiving nominations by petition. The period for receiving nominations by petition shall, in all cases, extend at least 30 days from the date the petition requirement and the list of nominating committee’s nominees are mailed to all members. To be effective, such nominations shall be accompanied by a signed certificate from the nominees stating that they are agreeable to nomination and will serve if elected to office. Such nominations shall be filed with the secretary of the credit union at least 40 days prior to the annual meeting and the secretary shall cause such nominations along with those of the nominating committee to be posted in a conspicuous place in each Credit Union office at least 35 days prior to the annual meeting.”


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