ChangeUp Savings

Go from small change to big savings.

A savings account great for teens and adults that makes saving spare change a no-brainer.

ChangeUp Savings 101

Available for our teen and adult members, the ChangeUp account looks a lot like our Share Savings account, but with one bonus benefit: every purchase you make with your Fortera debit card gets rounded up to the nearest dollar. That extra change automatically deposits into your ChangeUp account for a rainy day. The ChangeUp account has a 1.50% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on the first $2,000 in your ChangeUp savings account linked to your Fortera Debit Card.

Spend to save? Let’s break it down.

Say you treat yourself to a tasty taco for $1.87. When you pay with your Fortera Debit Card, that purchase rounds up to $2 and 13 cents is deposited into your ChangeUp account. Come the end of the month, future-you will thank past-you for the extra savings. Especially when you go back for seconds. Because just one taco? Come on.

ChangeUp Savings Account Rates

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. APY is accurate as of the last dividend declaration date. Penalties will/may be imposed for early withdrawal on time accounts. Fees may reduce earnings on the account. Rate may change after account opening.

ChangeUp Savings Account Benefits


Can I add additional deposits to the ChangeUp Savings Account?


No additional deposits may be added to the ChangeUp account.

Who is eligible to open a ChangeUp Savings Account?


To be able to open a ChangeUp Savings Account, you must meet the following eligibility requirements: (1) You must be 13 years of age or older (2) You must live, work, worship, or attend school in one of our service regions; join an affiliated partner, or have an immediate family member who is a Fortera member. Our service regions include Montgomery, Stewart, Chester, Decatur, Lewis, McNairy, and Perry counties in Tennessee or Christian, Trigg, Todd, McLean, and Webster counties in Kentucky. Residents of other counties in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and Arkansas may also be eligible. (3) You must have a Share Savings Account to establish Fortera Credit Union Membership. (4) You must have an eligible checking account and debit card.

Can I connect multiple Checking Accounts to the same ChangeUp Account?


No, members may only connect one debit card and one checking account (the debit card and checking account must be connected) to a ChangeUp Savings Account.

Can I set up automatic transfers to the ChangeUp Savings Account?


This account is designed to be automatic. Every purchase made with your debit card is rounded up to the nearest dollar and that extra change is then deposited into your ChangeUp Account. You cannot automate additional transfers to this account.

How much does it cost to open a ChangeUp Savings Account?


This account is the definition of accessible to everyone. It only takes one penny to open it. You heard us right!

What are dividends and how do they work for the ChangeUp Savings Account?


Dividends are extra money that your account earns just by being open and meeting our minimum account dividend earning value. The ChangeUp Savings Account earns dividends quarterly as long as your account has at least $0.01 deposited in it. You heard us right, that is a single cent. It is just another way we like to say thank you to our members for trusting us with your hard-earned "dough". To learn more about what the current dividend rate is and our other savings accounts that earn dividends, please see our Rate and Fee Disclosure.

Can I open a ChangeUp Savings Account online or do I need to come into a branch?


You can open a ChangeUp Savings Account online or in a branch. The choice is yours.

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