Destination Staycation

1. Take a hike or ride a bike - Enjoy a breath of fresh air while exploring the great outdoors. Area parks and greenways offer walking, hiking or biking trails that will put a pep in your family’s step. Plan your path at Visit Clarksville or Visit Hopkinsville and let nature nurture your spirits!

2. Serve up a slice of paradise - Can’t make it to the beach? Bring the destination home for dinner with a surf and turf menu, playlist of feel-good jams and vacation vibe decor. Order in or have fun cooking together. Our favorite recipes ... a Cheeseburger in Paradise, shrimp boil and key lime pie.

3. Be a virtual tourist - Did you know that several renowned museums throughout the country and the world offer “virtual” tours? Set your sights on a leisurely trip through the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, the Louvre, the Sistine Chapel and more – all while in your pajamas.

4. Host your own film festival - Transform the TV room into a cozy movie theatre, set up a concession stand of favorite treats and settle in for movie marathon day. Sit back and watch as your cool parent/grandparent/aunt/big brother ratings soar!

5. Go camp-in’ - For s’more fun, move the furniture, pitch a tent or build a fort to explore the wilderness of the great indoors. Bring on the sleeping bags, flashlights and adventure books for a campout that’s all in.

6. Tackle a DIY project - Have the kids been begging for a treehouse or wanting to redecorate their room? Use the time to build new spaces or transform their special places.

7. Let the games begin - Knock out “board”em by hosting a family board game tournament. You'll score big points with your team by stocking up on favorite games and challenging each other to some friendly competition. Create your own brackets and championship prizes for game day fun!

8. Create art from the heart - Color someone's world happy by creating art from the heart. Send along with a thoughtful note to deployed military members, senior citizens, someone who is ill, a friend or anyone whose life would be brightened by your gift.

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