Make Working at Home Work For You

As remote work practices gain momentum, the idea sounds like a dream come true. Zero drive time, conference calls from the couch, emails in your jammies - what’s not to love? Yet along with its freedoms, a loss of daily structure and interaction can leave employees feeling unproductive and disconnected. We’ve gathered a few tips for successfully acing your “home work” assignments.

Set up shop and know when to stop.

Working from home can blur the lines between personal and professional lives. Ensuring a definite boundary can help you keep balance between the two. Set up a specific space for work that is dedicated solely to your job and leave that space when you’re off for the day. Make sure to establish a time that you officially log on and off and communicate those hours to contacts.

Hang out the do not disturb sign.

With schools closed and kids at home, it’s difficult to shut out distractions. Take inspiration from your favorite hotel to let others know when you can’t be disturbed. A do not disturb sign or red light/green light system helps keep your attention focused on the tasks at hand.

Dress for success.

Though wearing pajamas all day is tempting, it can quickly drag your energy and mindset into a downward spiral. Stay in the game by following your usual routine. When you take a shower and get dressed each day, you’ll feel as sharp as you look.

Click, collaborate and listen.

Without the benefit of in-person interaction, relying on digital technology is must for delivering clear communication. Video conferencing, cloud-based apps, mobile devices and project management tools offer innovative solutions and remote team collaborations.

Phone (or message) a friend.

Being suddenly distanced from co-workers can feel a bit lonely. Keep up chats with officemates by creating a virtual water cooler and regular one-on-one check ins. Instilling this sense of community will keep you connected and encouraged by others going through the same experience.

Make time for self-care.

Repurpose commute time into a fitness schedule and take periodic breaks during the day to eat nutritious meals and snacks. Embrace the flexibility to change your scenery and you’ll soon find your motivation and production soaring.

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