Get Fit (Financially)

We expend endless energy and time focusing on our physical health, but how much do we focus on our financial health? Poor financial management can lead to continuous everyday stress that dramatically impacts your mind, body, and spirit. When focusing on self improvement, don’t forget this essential pillar.

Here are some simple ways to start prioritizing your financial wellness and reaching those goals that will lead to a happier and healthier life.

  • Make a roadmap - You can’t start a journey without knowing what direction you are traveling in. Make yourself a roadmap filled with written goals that are meaningful to you. Having trouble figuring out where to start? Not a problem. Schedule an appointment or video call with one of our member advisors and let us help you build a customized plan. Obviously, it’s free, because we love talking to our members about this.
  • Bust out the W’s - That’s right! We are going back to grade school and asking the hard questions, “Who, What, Where, Why, and When.” When you define your goals and support them with details and purpose, it’s easier to follow through on them.
  • Keep it real - Be realistic when creating these goals. Yes, we all want to be billionaires with a tropical island vacation home, but that is not a reality for most people. Remember that small steps are still good steps and if you make your goals attainable, the positive reinforcement you will experience from reaching those goals will push you to continue achieving your financial dreams.
  • Stop and celebrate - Make sure that as you hit those goals, you stop and celebrate them. Rewards don’t always have to cost money. Watch your favorite movie, ask your family to give you a “chore-free” night, or call a friend to share your success.
  • Automation is your friend - Let Fortera help you save with automatic withdrawals from your checking to your savings account each month. You’ll be surprised how quickly the savings add up. Set up text notifications, track your spending, and stay on top of your credit with Online and Mobile Banking.
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