Money App Safety

We use money apps every day. Venmo, Apple Pay, and Zelle have all become household names. Before you press send, pause and make sure you are moving money in a safe and secure manner. See some tips below on how to protect yourself and your hard-earned money.

Money App Safety:

  • Set up the app so that it requires a two-step authentication before money is transferred. This can help to safeguard your funding accounts by making sure that you are the one that has authorized the transaction.
  • Slow down and make sure all of your recipient’s details are correct: Before you press ‘send’ or ‘pay,’ make sure you have the right username, phone number, photo, or other identifier.
  • Take the time to verify your recipient’s identity with a phone call or a video call before transferring funds.
  • Avoid connecting your money apps to your social media accounts. If you must do so, make sure to set up two-step authentication on your social accounts in addition to your money apps.
  • Never send money to strangers! Money apps are designed for sending money only to family or close friends.
  • Don’t use the money app for business purposes. If you have a business, look into payment apps specifically meant for business users.
  • Keep your money app up-to-date. Updates are designed to protect you from scammer’s most recent tricks.

Secure and Easy-To-Use

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