How strong are your passwords?

Everywhere we go online it seems we are asked for a password. Although it may seem tedious and annoying, strong passwords are our first line of defense against hackers. See our strong password building tips below to learn more about how you can protect your information.

Use a password generator

Review and find a trusted password generator that can help you instantly create complex and challenging passwords with the click of a button. Complete randomization makes these passwords much more challenging to crack.

Set up a password keeper

To help keep all of your passwords organized, research and select a password keeper that works for you. Password keepers are secure, allow for two-factor authentication, and help you arrange and manage your account’s private login information.

Don’t just use one password.

Seems obvious, but we cannot say it enough. Having only one or two passwords can easily lead to trouble down the road.

Use a passphrase.

Security experts recommend using a passphrase rather than simply a password. Such a phrase should be relatively long and consist of seemingly random words strung together along with numbers, symbols and upper and lower case letters. Think of something that you can remember but others couldn’t guess, such as YellowChocolate#56CadillacFi$h. Avoid using famous quotations that might be easy to guess.

Include numbers, capital letters, and symbols.

Consider using a $ instead of an S or a 1 instead of an L, or including an & or %. Any easy way to add complexity to your passwords.

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