Ready. Set. Close. Introducing Rapid Refi

Refinance your existing mortgage to save time and money for spending on what matters most. With our Rapid Refi loan, we’ll close in 30 days or the $299 in closing costs are on us.* Choose between 5, 10, and 15-year term options. Saving on interest is big, but saving days in the process is truly priceless.

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*30-day closing guarantee is available on all Rapid Refi loan products. Guarantee is not a loan approval guarantee. Eligibility will be confirmed once your loan is completely underwritten and a final approval letter is issued. Closing guarantee is 30 days from final approval. Loans that do not qualify for this product will be subject to standard loan fees and charges according to the loan product type and borrower creditworthiness. This program may change or end at any time.

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