Just Tap to Pay with Contactless Cards

Contactless cards are here! Our new contactless credit and debit cards can be used anywhere you see the contactless symbol at checkout. Paying is fast and convenient!

Contactless payments use the same technology as mobile wallets, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, and are safer than traditional cards. Your card or device never leaves your hand, reducing the risk of loss or counterfeit, and each purchase is uniquely encrypted. You’re protected against double billing, even if you accidentally tap twice. Contactless cards also help you avoid exposure to bacteria and germs.

All newly issued cards will be contactless. If you would like to update your existing debit card, please visit any branch to receive a new contactless debit card instantly. You may also reach out to us at 931.431.6800 or via video chat to request a contactless debit or credit card.

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