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Mistakes to avoid when using multiple credit cards

Juggling multiple credit cards is a great way to take advantage of rewards. However, the more credit cards you use, the more things can go wrong. Here are some mistakes to avoid when using a few different credit cards.

Missing Payments

Paying your credit card bill on-time, every time, is extremely important. If you miss payments, you’ll get hit with interest or even late charges. Your credit score could also take a hit. If you’re using multiple cards, there’s more of a chance to miss payments. Help yourself out by setting up auto payments for each of your cards. You could also set reminders for the payment dates. You can even call your credit card issuers and ask to change the payment dates so that they all sync up.

Paying Annual Fees

As USA Today notes, cards with annual fees are only worth it if the value you receive from them outweighs the charges. Crunch the numbers on your cards to make sure the cards you use are giving you max benefits. If the annual fees are holding you down, look into finding a new, no-fee card.

Using the Wrong Card

Different credit cards reward you for spending in different categories. One card might give four percent back on dining, while another might give only one percent. You get the most out of your cards by using the right card to buy the right items. If you have multiple cards, things could get confusing. Make sure you know exactly which card should be used for exactly which purchases. That buying power is one of the biggest perks of using multiple credit cards.

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Article distributed in partnership with SavvyMoney with reporting by Chris O'Shea

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