Business Real Estate & Property Loans

Secure more space to grow

Business Real Estate & Property Loan 101

Whether you’re investing in more workspace, refinancing what you’ve got, or buying up lots, our property and real estate loans go up to 60 months (with flexible amortization up to 360 months). Secure your loan using either commercial or personal property.

Put down the kind of roots that pay for themselves.
Investing in real estate, be it brick and mortar or property, is one way to put your capital into something more likely to give back in the future. With us, you’re not walking into a cookie-cutter loan application. We’ll work with you to talk about the options and understand what’s best for your situation, whether that’s a mortgage loan, home equity loan, or something a little more custom. From there, it’s only a matter of time before your new real estate starts paying for itself.

Business Real Estate & Property Loan Benefits

Let’s team up

Our business services team is here to support you and everything you do. Anytime you need to talk shop, reach out directly to us at 931.436.9088 or email us at businessservices@forteracu.com.

We travel for business

On the road or at the conference, keep your money close with our mobile app and online banking.

Your network just got bigger

Our business members enjoy access to credit union branches and ATMs all around the world — surcharge-free. Learn more about how to find a Fortera-friendly credit union near you.

Goal setting made simple

Our skilled experts are easy to reach and happy to help. For members and non-members alike, meetings and consultations are always free, so make the most of your money, on us.

Rest easy

With us, your money is always protected and insured by the National Credit Union Administration. You’re covered on all deposits up to $250,000, so save away.

Statements that save

....Trees, space, and worry. Always enjoy access to 18 months worth of e-statements. Keep more trees, toss your file cabinet, and know your info is always safe and sound.

Apply for free

You’ve got enough on your plate. That’s why our business loan applications are always free.

Easy pay, easy go

When you set up Auto Bill Pay in online banking, you can make payments from wherever you are. So set that out-of-office and take a break. You’ve earned it.

Get growing

Give your business more room to grow. Get in touch with our experts to find the loan that’s best for you and apply today.

Take our card. If you're creative and courageous, you're our kind of person.

  • Phone: 931.431.6800
  • Email: businessservices@forteracu.com

Need a hand?

Tag us in. Whether you are on your couch or halfway around the world, use our video chat to get quick answers from a friendly face. Give us a call and let us know how we can help.

Is the Business Real Estate & Property Loan a secured or unsecured loan?


This is a secured loan. Your loan is secured by the real estate or property you are getting the loan for.

Can I make additional payments on a Business Real Estate & Property Loan?


Yes! You can make additional payments on all Fortera Loans.

What documents do I need to apply for a Business Real Estate & Property Loan?


To verify your identity, we always ask that you come prepared with a government-issued ID. It is important that it is not expired. Examples of acceptable IDs include a State Driver's License or a U.S or Foreign Passport. If we have trouble validating your ID, we may ask for a secondary ID. If you have a question about whether or not an ID can be used, just text us at 931.431.6800 or chat with us at forteracu.com. Please click here for full list of the documents you will need.

Can I apply for the Business Real Estate & Property Loan online or do I need to apply for it at a branch location?


You do need to call us or come into a branch to open this account. We are working toward having easy online applications soon. In the meantime, please call us at 931.431.6800, email us at businessservices@forteracu.com, or schedule an appointment to open an account.

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What's New

Nitty, gritty, and super important.

Fine print is your friend. When you have a minute, give these a good read:
Business Rate and Fee Disclosure
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New Business Real Estate Loan Payment Example: For a $250,000 loan for a term of 5 years with a 240- month amortization*, and a 6.25% APR, the monthly payment will be $1,826.64.

*Higher amortization for a lower payment means the loan will have a balloon payment on the 5-year maturity date. The same loan with a 60-month (5 year) amortization will have a monthly payment of $4,862.87.