Personal Loans

Funding as unique as you.

Personal loans are, well, personal. Whether you are looking to travel, upgrade your lifestyle, cover a minor emergency, consolidate your debt — or something else — our variety of personal loans are worth shopping. Apply today.

Loans For Your Goals, Big and Small

Your financial journey is unique to you, so we’ll meet you where you are with customized and flexible loans. Our local lenders are ready to get to know you and offer you the options that work best for your life.

Personal Loan

Flexible funding that just fits.

Borrow $500 - $40,000 to fund your next milestone or pay off something life tossed your way.

Personal Line of Credit

Borrow once, use as you need.

Rather than being your go-to source for everyday purchases, this loan shines brightest as a resource for paying your way through big, ever-changing cost situations like home renovation projects or much-needed vacations.

Rapid Refi Loan

Ready, set, close.

Our Rapid Refi loan can help you save on interest and closing costs, and start building equity more quickly - in only 30 days or less.

Homeowner Advantage Loan

Get settled, no equity needed.

If you own your home but don’t have a ton of equity just yet, you can still borrow the money you need with a Homeowner Advantage loan — no collateral required.

Share Secure Loan

Build credit while you borrow.

Establish or build your credit while funding your everyday needs. Using your own existing savings as collateral, you can borrow safely and gain a healthy credit score — all while continuing to earn dividends on your savings.

Credit Repair Loan

Everybody deserves a good credit comeback.

At a fixed rate of 10% and with a 10-day payment grace period, our Credit Repair loan helps you establish or repair your credit with almost no risk.


You've got the Q's, we've got the A's.

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What is the difference between a Personal Loan and a Personal Line of Credit?


The two biggest differences between a Personal Loan and a Personal Line of Credit are the types of interest rates for each loan and how one receives their funds. Personal Loans are fixed-rate loans and they are given to the member in one large lump sum. Personal Lines of Credit are variable rate loans and members receive access to a line of credit. They can borrow as much as they need without having to commit to a large lump sum.

Can I make additional payments on a Personal Loan?


Yes! You can make additional payments on your Personal Loan.

What is a Personal Loan and what is it used for?


A Personal Loan is, well, personal. You can use it for whatever you have going on in your life. Whether you are looking to travel, upgrade your lifestyle, cover a minor emergency, consolidate your debt — or something else — our custom personal loans can help get you there.

Can I set up automatic transfers in Online Banking to pay for my Personal Loan?


Yep! You can make payments toward this loan from Online Banking and you can make payments from a different bank account using our Make A Payment feature.

How many times can I withdraw money from my Personal Line of Credit?


As many times as you would like. There is no limit to how many times you can make a withdrawal on a PLOC.

What would I use a Personal Line of Credit for?


This loan is great for projects that don't have a fixed price. If you are remodeling your kitchen, adding a deck to your home, paying for some additional college courses, etc. this is a great option for you. It allows you the flexibility to borrow what you need instead of requiring you to borrow a larger sum.

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